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    Developing new
    biotechnology applications

    regarding Industry, Agro-environmental sciences and Food & Health.
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    Bringing value to resources,
    wastes and by-products

    to meet future societal needs in the health and food sectors.
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    Green and sustainable
    key innovative technologies

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    Fostering circular economy
    and industrial symbiosis concepts

What's new

CEB will hold the 2nd edition of CEB Talk on November 23rd at 9pm, at GNRation, with the support of Startup Braga. The event is oriented towards entrepreneurship with the presentation of CEB projects / technologies of a translational nature, some of them under development by CEB spinoffs.
A two days meeting to present and discuss cutting-edge knowledge on Climate Changes and their impact on Food Safety issues, gathering topics such as Chemical Contaminants Occurrence and Surveillance, Emerging Chemical Contaminants In Foods, and Risk Analysis And Food Safety Control Systems.
3rd International hands-on PHAGE BIOTECHNOLOGY course
A 5-day course on phage techniques consisting both of theoretical and practical lessons. This will cover topics from isolation and production of phages to genomics, annotation, phage display and characterization of phage endolysins.

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