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Workshop “European R&D financing programmes”

Local: Campus Gualtar
8 October, 2019

The Workshop "European R&D financing programmes" was jointly organised by the BioTecNorte project, which is one CEB's largest and most comprehensive research projects, and by the Ecoagrifood project, which is a project of the CBMA - Center for Molecular and Environmental Biology. This Workshop was held on the 8th of October 2019 at the UMinho’s Biological Engineering Amphitheatre.

The Workshop started with the presentation of each of the abovementioned projects, which was conducted by Eugénio Ferreira and Fernanda Cássio. In addition, Dora Fazekas and Francisco Rocha (International Consultants from SPI - Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação) presented a session focused on the European Programme "Horizon 2020". During this session, both speakers explained the main differences between this funding programme and the upcoming “Horizon Europe” programme.

The Workshop "European R&D financing programmes" was a well-attended and dynamic initiative, which brought together researchers and representatives of companies.

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Workshop “European R&D financing programmes”

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